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Insights Discovery

Part 4: For Managers

How to support your team members with Insights Discovery
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1) Discuss Insights Discovery with your team member, share your profile if you are happy to, and explain why you have asked them to do this. Explain that there is lots of support along the way and that developing a deeper understanding of themself will help them develop and thrive at work. Use this explainer to help answer questions and build their knowledge of the process. Explain that we will support them in understanding what comes through, and not to worry!

2) When they receive their profile, ask how they are feeling about it. If they are happy to share, let them, but don't push them if they are not. Instead, just ask questions about the content and let them share as much or as little as they like. Remind them that we will help them to understand it in more detail during the coaching session or workshop.

3) After the coaching session or workshop, check in with them again. Now they have a deeper understanding, you can discuss in more detail. They may be more open to share here if they weren't before. This time you can future focus, discussing what they would like to do to develop and what support they might want from you. (You can use the coaching questions in the 'What next?' section to help)

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